In the summer of 2002 I realised that I was at a photographic crossroads. Landscapes and nature no longer challenged me and I wanted to explore photojournalism. I was participating in the Liquid Light exchange programme in the East Midlands, and so I decided to travel to Malawi to document the food shortages there. This experience confirmed to me that I wanted to pursue photojournalism. Since then I have worked as a staff news photographer, photography editor and freelance photojournalist.

Make it Right. Mulanje, Malawi. 2002
Golding & Harper. Kingston. 2009
Water Bearers. Saint-Marc, Haiti. 2004
Arcade Fire. Kingston. 2005
Aristide's Gone. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 2004
Inspection. Kingston. 2010
Seeking Relief. Blantyre, Malawi. 2002
Zinc Playground. Kingston. 2008
The Need to Read. Kingston. 2014
Future Stars. Portland, Jamaica. 2013
Catching Bait. Port Royal, Jamaica. 2016
Father and Son. St. Andrew, Jamaica. 2013
OUT!! Kingston, Jamaica. 2015
Rocket Start. Kingston, Jamaica. 2015
Skipping. Kingston. 2015
Bowled! Kingston. 2015
In Your Face! Kingston. 2013
Making the Effort. Kingston. 2015
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