Welcome to the River Breeze Photography Workshops!!

I knew most of the ins and outs of photography in theory but through this workshop I was able to apply the theories and become more practical.  Ashleigh McIntosh

This is a must do, it was culturally enriching and very informative. Marcella Seivwright.

Located in Cascade in the verdant Buff Bay Valley of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, River Breeze Cottage is a retreat where photographers can immerse themselves in their craft via workshops designed and presented by photographer Andrew P. Smith. The Buff Bay Valley has been described as the “Heritage Corridor of the Blue Mountains” due to its unique natural and cultural heritage as can be seen in this video.

Workshops  are currently offered as intense “working weekends” and are limited to three participants to ensure personal, one-on-one photographic tutoring, based on participants’ replies to the pre-workshop questionnaire. The package includes accommodation, meals and access to a wide collection of inspiring photographic literature, documentaries and movies. Participants are only required to bring their photographic equipment and a desire to learn as much as they can about their chosen craft.

 If you are interested in participating in a River Breeze Photography Workshop, please email

Here are some images from the inaugural River Breeze Travel Photography Workshop held in July 2013.