Initially, I was uninterested in photographing people. However, I realised that I actually liked the few people shots I took, especially the black and white portraits. As an introvert it might seem contradictory that I enjoy meeting people, but now I look forward to the challenge of capturing an image of a person in a way that portrays their personality and emotion.

Early morning catch. Dalian, China. 2008
Chillin' in St. Ann's Bay. Jamaica. April 2018
Souvenir vendor. Mexico. 2018
Baker. Cyprus. 2016
Puppy Love. Dalian, China. 2008
Souvenir vendor. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 2018
Sub-10 King. Kingston. 2015
Early morning vybz. Kingston. 2011
Auto rickshaw driver. Delhi. 2017
Father. Dalian, China. 2008
Sharing Wisdom. Kingston. 2016
Farmer. St. Catherine, Jamaica. 2016
School Child. Kingston. 2008
Siblings. St. Mary, Jamaica. 2009
Red Cheeks. Dalian, China. 2008
Siblings. St. Andrew, Jamaica. 2008
Manchester Morning. Jamaica. 2009
Looking Out. Trelawny, Jamaica. 2008
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