River Breeze Workshops

Welcome to the River Breeze Photography Workshops!

I knew most of the ins and outs of photography in theory but through this workshop I was able to apply the theories and become more practical.  Ashleigh McIntosh

This is a must do, it was culturally enriching and very informative. Marcella Seivwright



Join photographer and educator Andrew Paul Smith as he guides you through a combination of online and hands-on photographic activities, culminating in a working weekend at River Breeze Cottage, located in the buffer zone of Jamaica’s Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park.

The River Breeze Photography Workshops are restricted to three participants to ensure personal, one-on-one photographic tutelage, and is customised according to participants' replies to the pre-workshop questionnaire. Workshops currently offered are: 1) Introductory Photography, 2) Travel & Outdoor Photography, and 3) Documentary Photography.

Workshops are based at River Breeze Cottage, a unique retreat constructed by the late Maria LaYacona, one of Jamaica’s premier photographers. Budding photographers will be immersed within the unique biodiversity, spectacular landscapes, and rich cultural heritage of the Buff Bay Valley.

Described as the "Heritage Corridor of the Blue Mountains" the Buff Bay Valley is a photographer’s paradise, from the biodiversity of Hardwar Gap and the Holywell Recreational Park, down the scenic B1 road to the historic bustling, sea-side town of Buff Bay. Enroute you will discover the Charles Town Maroon Village and the One Drop Waterfall.

Workshop fees of JA$80,000.00 (US$500.00) covers photography tuition, entry to sites, meals, accommodation, access to wi-fi and an expansive photographic library. Additional workshop details can be found here.

Participants will carpool in order to reduce the workshop’s carbon footprint, and if you have a suitable vehicle that you wish to make available for transporting workshop participants you will receive a discount on your workshop fee.

Participants are only required to bring their photographic equipment and a desire to learn as much as they can about their chosen craft.

Contact us if you are interested in participating in any of the River Breeze Photography Workshops.

To whet your appetite, below are photographs from the inaugural River Breeze Photography Workshop, held in July 2013.

Attentive Instruction
Environmental Portraiture
Image critique
Early morning nature shoot
One Drop Waterfall
Kromanti dancing at Charles Town
Street photography in Buff Bay
Going for details
Exploring angles
Connecting in Charles Town
Buff Bay Beach
Fish Dun Falls
What do you think?!
Pre-critique discussion
Peer assistance
Workshop participants and instructor
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