Andrew possesses close to twenty years photojournalism experience as a freelancer for Reuters, Demtix/Corbis and Diimex and as a staff news photographer and photography editor for The Gleaner Company. As a freelancer he covered the 1999 Pan American Games, documented the affects of the 2002 food shortages in Malawi, and covered numerous sports events, including Jamaica’s world cup qualifiers, national athletic championships and international cricket matches.

While at the Gleaner, Andrew Smith documented the effect of the passage of Hurricane Ivan on Grand Cayman, investigated the living and working conditions of Jamaican migrant workers in Grand Cayman, covered Haiti’s civil disruption during the 2004 ousting of President Aristide, investigated the plight of street children in Kingston and initiated both the “Paradise in Peril” and  “Capitals Up Close series. The former focused on Jamaica’s endangered habitats and the latter examined the heritage and social issues of Jamaica’s parish capitals.